For your test centers

An all-in-one system - the most innovative CovidProof software for your test locations.

Managing Corona test locations involves various tasks. Our CovidProof software is specifically designed to manage your tasks and create a more efficient workspace for you and your team. web-based software digitise all the typical processes of a test location.

Using the online booking system, customers can easily schedule appointments for the test and instantly register for future tests as well. An automatic confirmation email with all relevant information (including the location, time and date, as well as a QR code for check-in) will be sent to the client. The implementation of QR codes allows for a contactless check-in, assuring a swifter and safer testing process. Additionally, registration and check-in queues are shortened to a great extent since employees can simply scan the QR codes instead of manually searching for clients' names or any further information. This digital process flow can easily be operated by your employees in the test locations.

All the steps required in managing test locations are digitally mapped by our CovidProof software, making it the perfect all-in-one system for all stations. The swab is assigned to a subject by using a routing label with a QR code and evaluated with the assistance of the software. The software also offers the option of recording test series.

In The system not only automatically sends clients test results via email, but also an online certificate which includes a QR code for validation, an online certificate and a print certificate are provided. The online certificate includes an additional QR code for validation.

Last but not least, our CovidProof software also provides the necessary CSV-export options for billing with various authorities and institutions. Moreover, the CovidProof software is also hosted on German servers and aligns with international and national Data compliance.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, to learn more about many other features during a personal or digital presentation.

Your trusted cooperation partner

From booking an appointment to the test result in just a few steps.

  • ✔ Online booking
  • ✔ Digital walk-in slots
  • ✔ Frequent and spontaneous customers
  • ✔ Scalability of Corona test slots (customers/working days/time of day)

  • ✔ Handling via QR code
  • ✔ Check-in with smartphone & co. (external webcam)
  • ✔ Subject data with appointment booking are recorded in the system
  • ✔ Printing of the test labels for the test kit

  • ✔ QR code labels for relevant subjects.
  • ✔ Test results simply generated
  • ✔ Fast and fully automatized mailing of test results
  • ✔ Corona tests are transparent and traceable anytime

  • ✔ Scanning the QR code from the test kit or manually entering into the system
  • ✔ Most advanced encryption technology
  • ✔ Corona test certificate as PDF, bracelet and as e-mail
  • ✔ Original federal template or individual test location template.

Quite simple and flexible

Within 24 hours we prepare a cloud-based landing page for your test location, doctor's office, pharmacy or companies.

  • ✔ GDPR-compliant implementation and hosted in Germany

  • ✔ Option to manage citizen tests, PoC antigen rapid tests, PCR tests and PCR express tests

  • ✔ Billing service to provide evidence for your tests

  • ✔ Export for billing with the panel doctors' association

  • ✔ Payment function using all common payment methods (e.g., Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit Card, instant bank transfer)

  • ✔ Sustainability - fast and without paperwork

  • ✔ Use of white label or branding

  • ✔ Location, user and test administration

  • ✔ Connection to test locations, doctor's offices, pharmacy or companies.

  • ✔ Individual cloud-based landing page and test offers (incl. booking mask and administration)

  • ✔ Offers for small and high traffic volumes

Digital booking

Our CovidProof software allows probands to book citizen tests, PoC antigen rapid tests, PCR tests, PCR express tests and company tests quickly and easily via a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Depending on the offer of the test locations, the booking interface offers the possibility of booking appointments with a fixed appointment slot (week/day/time), choosing a walk-in solution (fixed day) or registering probands directly on sites at the test locations.


Confirmation of authenticity

Questions and answers

The CovidProof software simplifies and digitizes the processes by using QR codes in Corona test locations, doctors' offices, pharmacies and companies. This dispenses all unnecessary waiting queues and the test result is available digitally with the test certificate. You will receive a connection to the CORONA-WARN APP as well as the LUCA APP and the reporting processes can be done easily by the export function.

You can edit, unlock, block and add all appointments with date and time.

Just let us know your needs and we will find a way to realize them.

The system works with or without QR code scanner. The client data also can be displayed simply by client ID or client name.

To use the CovidProof software correctly, you need a stationary computer/notebook and a label printer. Probands can also simply use the website. Our hardware package provides you the necessary components for a smooth and simple start.

We can set up a store system for you as well, so you will be able to sell products or services as well.

The security of your data is our first priority. We cooperate exclusively with partner companies that fulfill the required high security and protection measures. Furthermore, the CovidProof software is designed to be GDPR compliant.


For our customers

  • ✔ Stationary & mobile Corona test locations
  • ✔ Companies
  • ✔ Doctors' offices
  • ✔ Pharmacies
  • ✔ All kinds of events


  • ✔ Providing the CovidProof software
  • ✔ Certificate for tests in several languages (e.g., German, English)
  • ✔ Connection to CORONAWARN APP and LUCA APP


  • ✔ QR codes with necklace, bracelet or keychain
  • ✔ Providing the CovidProof software
  • ✔ Certificate for tests in several languages (e.g., German, English)
  • ✔ Connection to CORONAWARN APP and LUCA APP
  • ✔ Providing hardware (notebook, printer, labels)


  • ✔ QR codes for service providers/employees with bracelet
  • ✔ Providing the CovidProof software
  • ✔ Certificate for tests in several languages (e.g., German, English)
  • ✔ Connection to CORONAWARN APP and LUCA APP
  • ✔ Providing hardware (notebook, printer, labels)

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